Artists’ Walk

The Can-Am Equine Expo show will feature a number of equine artists presenting their work in what we are describing as the ‘Artists’ Walk’. Between Buildings #1 & #2 there will be a showcase of artists and their creative, original pieces of art work. Each of the artists will be donating a piece of their work to be auctioned off, with all proceeds being donated to Equine Guelph. The auction will be taking place before the Saturday Evening Extravaganza on April 5 in the Main Arena

Merriweather Studio- Nola McConnan


Nola loves making pictures. Her goal is simple, make pictures that fulfill her clients needs and wants. This allows her to be an artist, the artist whose favourite subject is horses. Horses of all sorts. Her pictures are for those seeking works for smaller modern spaces. Domestic animals and their people, in formal or informal settings, in the home, in the barn, ring or field. She’s won a few awards, had a few solo and many group exhibitions along the way. Nola has been a professional visual artist ever since her first sale in 1967, a graphite image from life of an elderly horse in a paddock. Nola did four Royal Agricultural Winter Fair Posters, which tell the story of the Fair. 2006 “A Royal ABC”, 2007 “75 Years of Innovation”, 2008 “Celebrating the Best of the Best”, and 2009 “A Royal 123”.This winter, in partnership with the Toronto Mounted Unit at the CNE Horse Palace, her group of horse loving artists studied the Mounted Unit and leaned to Look, See & Draw Just Horses from Life, no cameras.




Ann Clifford

A practising professional artist, Ann Clifford’s accomplishments in the world of sculpture are impressive – she has created awards for the corporate world, polo sponsors, equine organizations, government and tourism. She has a lengthy list of commissions, including traditional sculptures in bronze and clay, as well as large-scale woven metal sculptures which are one of her specialities.  Ann’s work is in art collections internationally.

Clifford is a veteran Child and Youth Worker with extensive involvement in social service agencies, elementary and secondary schools and Children’s Mental Health Centres. She is currently an Arts Educator at Pine River Institute, a residential treatment program for teenagers struggling with addiction and high-risk behaviour. Her Experiential Arts sessions provide relationship building and empowerment through visual art making experiences for individuals and groups. Collaborative projects and workshops are offered to young people, parents, teachers, and front line workers in the health and human services sector.

A member of Arts Health Network Canada, Ann embraces visual art making as a therapeutic process, a powerful tool for communication and when shared, a valuable resource for public education and networking. Having produced a short film, “Healing Through Art”, she shares her students learning and their teen wisdom through her expertise as a freelance facilitator and presenter in a “Film and Conversation” speaker series. 

Ann Clifford is a pioneer in Equine Facilitated Learning and community building with youth, police and front line social service staff. Co-founder of Urban Youth Riding Project she facilitated programming for Toronto Council Fire; The Native Learning Centre; Toronto District School Board; Aboriginal Peace Keeping Unit; Toronto Police Services; Native Child and Family Services; Toronto Mounted Unit; OPP & RCMP. She is a certified Equine Canada Riding Instructor with a focus on relaxation and safety. Visit her at: