Suncoast Pine Shavings

Suncoast Pine Shavings

SUNCOAST Bedding Pine Shavings Bedding offers only premium quality pure pine shavings horse bedding for maximum cushioning and excellent absorbency. Sterile and essentially dust-free, our fresh, natural pine is ideal for your horse and easier on your budget than many alternative bedding materials.

SUNCOAST manufactured Pine Shavings are made from 100% organic pine wood shavings that are high heat dried and screened multiple times to remove dust. SUNCOASTpine shavings never contain chemicals such as stains, glue resins, sealants, or wood fillers as other bedding products can. Our low moisture, low dust flakes are the highest quality, fluffiest, and most absorbent bedding you can provide for your horse.

SUNCOAST‘s unique 4-to-1 ultra-compressed packaging offers more expanded cubic feet per bale. Fewer bales needed per stall and fewer bales needed to store means savings in bales and shipping costs. Compare the actual expanded cubic foot volume of SUNCOAST Bedding bales to other horse bedding products which are typically compressed 2-to-1, if they are compressed at all.

When you want the very best horse bedding for the health and comfort of your horse, and the very best value choose SUNCOAST Pine Shavings Bedding.

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