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Can-Am Equine Marketing Inc. hosts the Can-Am All Breeds Equine Expo, Canada’s largest Equine education and recognition Event. Can-Am’s mandate is to create awareness of the equine industry, making horses a vital part of the community.

Our objectives are to:

•  Stage numerous equine-related lectures and presentations, as well as provide far-reaching opportunities, that directly focus on the Equine Industry’s bringing more involvement from both equine enthusiasts and the general public. We strive to enhance the value and significance of the Equine Industry in Canada through education, awareness, and trade.

•  Create marketing opportunities by working with Agencies and Associations.

•  Publicize Canadian Goods and Services within the industry’s principal members, including horse breeders, product manufacturers, distributors, educational facilities, and so on.

•  Promote the improvement of Equine Breeds and increase their quality and variety.

•  Encourage employment within the large and lucrative Equine Industry in Canada.

•  Create an annual Provincial Conference setting for the purpose of addressing pertinent issues affecting the Horse Industry.

•  Facilitate the expression of the Views and Goals of Canadian Equine Associations to a multi-breed event.

•  Brand the Canadian Horse Industry as United and Strong, and give it a greater visibility in other countries and jurisdictions.

Can-Am Equine Marketing Inc. is committed to promoting the Horse Industry to its fullest potential. We are a privately owned company that works with many profit and non-profit groups.

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