Maaax Equine Feed

Maaax Equine Feed


The most important feed for a healthy horse diet is as simple as a daily portion of dust free forage and fresh water. Bruce Agra Dehy has been processing Ontario grown alfalfa since 1993 and has been supplying their premium products to horses in Florida and Texas where good quality forage is hard to find. For the first time in its history, Bruce Agra Dehy is excited to now offer their forage cube products, MAAAX Equine Feed worldwide, and in Ontario exclusively to members of the Ontario Equestrian (OE).

The OE represents more than 22,000 individual members who come from all sectors of the horse industry. It provides a variety of benefits and services to professionals, amateurs, competitors, recreational enthusiasts of all ages and disciplines or simply those who love horses. The OE is committed to horse welfare and providing leadership and support to the individuals, associations and industries in Ontario’s horse community.

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