Breeds Showcase

Bonnie View’s Tribute Kidd

Rocky Mountain Horse

Bonnie View’s Tribute Kidd is a 10 year old Rocky Mountain Horse stallion. Bonnie View Farms is located in King Township. Run by the Puccia family; who breed, train and sell smooth gaited Mountain Horses. Tribute is a dark chocolate with a white mane & tail, the signature colour of the Mountain Horse. Tribute is a double certified Rocky & Kentucky Mountain Horse breeding stallion who passes on his exceptional beauty, incredible calm temperament, and super smooth easy gait to all of his many offspring.
Like all Bonnie View Farms horses, Tribute is a true versatility horse … he is not only an active breeding stallion, with foals nation-wide, but first and foremost a kind and gentle riding horse too! Like the true gentleman that he is Tribute wonderfully handles every new situation thrown his way! Tribute can be seen showing at demos like CanAm, competing at horse shows and cowboy events (Cowboy Mounted Shooting is his favorite!), or most often trail riding and hanging out around the campground with mares, geldings, and other stallions alike!

Canadian Donkey & Mule Association

What are donkeys? What are mules? What do you do with them? 

These are all common questions, and we look forward to showing you what longears are really about! Donkeys and mules are big dogs in equine bodies. Capable of everything horses can do, and with some unique talents, these animals are often overlooked and misunderstood. Longears are often extremely loving, and very intelligent. They have been mankind’s partner for over 6000 years, helping to shape and build civilization! Today they are still used for riding, driving, packing, and therapy among other things. 

The Canadian Donkey and Mule Association is dedicated to all things donkey and mule. Whether it be educating about these lovely animals, providing owners with help, tracking show records, or registering, we do it all! 
We’ll have two Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys as our ambassadors, and they will love to see you all there! 

Miniature Horse

Although Miniature Horses are small and bear some resemblance to ponies, they are the product of almost 400 years of selective breeding. The Miniature Horse is classified as a a horse, and it possess all the features and attributes of its taller relatives. It is believed that Miniature Horses were first bred to adorn the formal gardens of European Aristocracy; therefore, they have gentle and winning personalities. Although a gregarious and rustic animal in the field, the Miniature horse is a very gentle and docile animal. A variety of horse breed were used to create the original Miniature Horses. As a result, there are several conformations that range from very fine Arabian/Thoroughbred body to the heaver Quarter/Draft horse type. All Miniature Horses should have a good confirmation with body proportion, straight legs and resemble a true horse.



Slickster is the Chestnut on the right

From west to east coast Slickster is a 13 Y/O off the track thoroughbred, by Mass Market out of Strike Orphan. Thoroughbreds are known for racing but can and usually go on to other disciplines after their racing careers, they’re a very versatile breed and love to work. We have an organization across Canada called the Canadian Thoroughbred Horse Society. I am here with the CTHS Ontario division who represents & assists breeders in the thoroughbred industry. They support horse racing by having a voice for breeders. The CTHS has breeders awards & bonuses; along with distributing funds to sales, Ontario stake races & much more. They also promote thoroughbreds in their other careers and sponsor organizations. Slickster is here thanks to The CTHS Ontario division to represent thoroughbreds. Slickster went through the CTHS (BC division) 2007 summer sale and has raced in BC and Alberta with 33 starts placing in 22 of them. Slickster retired in 2013 and will work if he has to but prefers grazing, begging for treats or getting a good grooming. He does both English and western, he was a pony horse for two years at Woodbine Racetrack as an afternoon pony brining racehorses to the starting gate for races & a morning pony leading horses, breaking them off for works and gate schooling for Stu Simons barn in the for training. Now he enjoys going for trail rides, doing trade shows & learning about jumping.



Big Time Ball

The Standardbred breed is a relatively new breed, only being in existence for about 200 years. The Standardbred breed registry was formed in 1879 by the National Association for Trotting horse Breeders. It gets its name because of the fact that when the registry was first created, the horse had to be able to trot a certain “Standardard” time in order to be accepted into the registry. All breeding stock had to be able to trot a mile in 2 minutes and 30 seconds or less. Over the years the breeds narrowed down to mostly Morgan and Thoroughbred blood. The foundation sire of the Standardbred breed was a thoroughbred by the name of Hambletonian 10, who was one of the best race horses of the late 18th century.

Today’s standardbreds are either trotters or pacers and are best known for their ability in harness racing. But in addition to harness racing, standardbreds are now being used for a variety of riding and pleasure driving disciplines all over the world.

Bigtime Ball, or Ball as he’s known around the barn, is a 15 year old pacing bred gelding by Presidential Ball, out of Keystone Trinidad. Ball had a very impressive race career. He won $1.625 million dollars in his career, and has a speed mark of 1:48.2 which we took in 2009. He still holds track records at both Georgian Downs (1:49) and Kawartha Downs (1:50.4). Today Ball is enjoy the riding horse life. He is currently learning the western pleasure ropes and he will be tested this summer to be a part of the Ontario Special Services Mounted Unit. He will also be making appearances at the Ontario Standardbred Show series Shows, starting with Standardrama on June 9th at the Orono Fairgrounds. Ball is sound, happy and sane and the perfect ambassador for the Standardbred to show how wonderful they can be as pleasure horses after their racing careers are over.


German Riding Pony

Milky Way

The German Riding Pony (Deutsche Reitpony in German) is the Warmblood of the pony world. The look and movement is very similar to the Warmbloods, while keeping some of the traditional pony characteristics – mostly the head and pleasant character. They are typically between 13.2hh and 14.2hh although they can be taller. They are bred to be ridden and handled by children and are gaining popularity with adult amateur riders and small professionals.They are purpose-bred for dressage, jumping and combined driving and there are ponies that compete at the Grand Prix level dressage against horses! More recently, many breeders have been crossing German Riding Pony stallions with horse mares to make a smaller mount that moves like the larger counterparts but is easier to ride and handle.

Milky Way is a coming 5 year old imported Westfalen registered German Riding Pony! He is a sweet and kind pony with exceptional gaits and character, exemplifying the qualities we want to pass on in German Riding Ponies in North America. He showed at Training level dressage in 2018 with an amateur rider and scored nearly 70% on multiple occasions. He will be out and about showing again in 2019. His first foal crop was born in 2018 and had super results on the line in Canada and Germany – each and every one has great movement and a people-oriented disposition. He has been crossed with a variety of mares from Connemara to Thoroughbred to Warmblood and German Riding Pony.  He is licensed for breeding with all the German Pony studbooks as well as Canadian Sport Pony. He stands in Ashton Ontario at Ashland Farm and is owned by Ashland Farm and Christine Baker (Branley Ash Sportponies).

Kiger Mustang

The Kiger Mustang is a Spanish wild horse found in two wild herds managed by the bureau of land management on the Kiger and Riddle herd management areas in South Eastern Oregon. They are rounded up every 5 years and offered for adoption to the public. They are a tough, hardy horse that has proven time and time again to excel in a variety of disciplines and are known for their brilliance and loyalty to their riders.
The Kiger is predominantly dun or gruella in colour, a throw back to their Sorria ancestry. They are most popularly known as the horse from the kids movie  Spirit, stallion of the cimarron. Clearview Kigers in Flamborough Ontario are the largest Kiger breeding and training facility in Canada and are proud to bring the Kiger’s once again to Can-Am for 2019.

WS Our Dresden Doll

American Saddlebred

WS Our Dresden Doll, known as “Dolly”, is a 9-year-old American Saddlebred mare. Dolly was born and raised in Kentucky, before coming to Canada as a 2-year-old. Dolly has spent the last 7 years showing in Ontario and around the United States. As a country pleasure horse, Dolly shows at the walk, trot, and canter, and is required to halt and stand patiently, and is also required to back up with ease. Country Pleasure horses are judged primarily on their manners, patience, presence in the show ring and eagerness to work. While training at home, Dolly is only ridden twice a week. The majority of her training is done long-lining, or jogging in a cart. Dolly and her owner, Catherine Ploughman, have made several Top 3 finishes at the World’s Championship Horse Show. Dolly is an absolute star, and a true ambassador of the American Saddlebred Breed.

Gypsy Vanner

Silver Moon Outlaw Jack aka “Jack”

The Gypsy Vanner, also known as a Gypsy Cob, Gypsy Horse, Tinker Horse or Irish Cob is a domestic breed originating from Ireland and the UK. A friendly, docile breed who is often referred to as a golden retriever. Their size ranges anywhere from under 14.2hh to 16.2hh and have Cob like conformation. They are usually, but not always, piebald. They may also be skewbald or any solid colour. Every colour and pattern is accepted in the breed. Long feathers, mane and tail are a common characteristic and decorative feature of the Gypsy Vanner but not a requirement for registration.

Silver Moon Outlaw Jack aka “Jack” is a 15.3hh 10 year old Gypsy Vanner gelding. He is a friendly fellow with a loving, fun and playful personality. He loves to work and please his rider. Jack is always up for a new adventure. So much so that he is impatient waiting to get on the trailer. He loves to run through big puddles hang out with his pasture mates, and play with his humans. Jack’s all time favourite treats are Stud Muffins and candy canes. He also enjoys field hunting, dressage and show jumping. Jack is fifth generation of the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society.


Norwegian Fjord

Aspen is true to the breed and is very versatile. Fjord’s typically have calm temperaments and have a working attitude making them a fantastic breed to dabble in many disciplines.  They can be used for sport, drive or ride. Their front legs are wider apart which makes them a fantastic option for adult riders as they are very strong and sturdy. They are very good jumping or trail mounts as they are sure footed and have strong thick hooves. They maintain their body conditions very easily so typically don’t require extra grain in their diets. They have thick coats to help keep themselves dry and warm in the cooler weather. Often times they are recognized for their cool standing striped manes, where their lighter coloured hairs are cut shorter. This helps identify the breed and to show off their thick strong necks.