Can-Am Equine offers fun and educational opportunities for the everyone, even the kids! Can-Am’s mandate is to create awareness of the equine industry, making horses a vital part of the community. Equine Guelph is a not-for-profit Centre at the University of Guelph serving the horse and its industry through education, research, healthcare promotion and industry development. If you want to learn teach your children about horses, riding, come and enjoy the Equimania! Exhibit.

Ontario Equestrian & Equine Guelph

Can-Am Equine Expo Partners with Ontario Equestrian & Equine Guelph! The Can-Am Equine Expo is excited to partner with Ontario Equestrian and Equine Guelph in… Learn more


EquiMania! is an interactive exhibit designed to teach youth about horse health and safety. EquiMania! is the only travelling equine exhibit in North America. EquiMania!… Learn more

Breeds Showcase

Rocky Mountain Horse Bonnie View’s Tribute Kidd is a 10 year old Rocky Mountain Horse stallion. Bonnie View Farms is located in King Township. Run by… Learn more