Join Can-Am in welcoming the Turn-N-Burn Western Speed Club as their rider/horse combinations will compete against the WoofJocks Canine Allstars in what we are calling: Puppies vs. Ponies during the Evening Extravaganza shows!

The Turn-N-Burn Western Speed Club serves Durham/York region and is the area’s most exciting and fastest growing Western Speed Horse Clubs. A  fun place for everyone to ride, they offer 3 youth divisions and 2 adult divisions created for the riders ability instead of their age. Turn-N-Burn has kids as young as 4 running their first patterns, right up to those showing us how to do it in their 70’s. With a family-oriented supportive atmosphere, our shows are exciting, fun and safe! You can become part of a family of western horse enthusiasts who support each other, teach other and most importantly, laugh with each other. Lifetime friendships are born here deepened by our enjoyment of western gaming and the love of our horses. Visit: www.turn-n-burn.ca

Meet the Competitors!

We are proud to introduce ten-year-old Faith Fawns our 2018 Intermediate Champion Turn n’ Burn Rider.  Faith rides a 23rd year old Arabian mare called Destiny who takes her job very seriously. Faith has been partners with Destiny for two years and this team also captured the Beginner Champion buckle in their first year. Her parents purchased Destiny hoping a retired school horse would also be a slow horse. Much to their surprise, these two are blazing together.




Deirdre Smullen is 13 years old and the 2018 Turn n Burn Youth Open Champion. She started competing with Turn n Burn when she was 4 years old, in the lead line division. She will be riding Code 36, an off the track quarter horse that is also 13!








Anna-Mari is 16 yrs old and so is her horse Lola! The two met two years ago and Lola may not have known it at the time, but Anna knew they were meant to be together. Lola could be naughty, but Anna-Mari recognized her good qualities and soon they were an inseparable team. Anna-Mari has helped Lola become a versatile horse, the two compete in Jumping and dressage and this year Lola took Anna-Mari to the Nationals in Prince Philip Games, where their team won the Canadian championships. When Anna-Mari is not riding her talented quarter horse she competes in track and field running and modern pentathlon.