Terry Jenkins

Terry Jenkins is founder of TJ Stables Equine Centre, of Chatham-Kent, ON, founder and Captain of the Award Winning Canadian Cowgirls Rodeo Drill Team and founder and Administrator of Acceptional Riders Therapeutic Horseback Riding Program in Chatham, Ontario.

terry-and-illusion-photoTerry believes that the gifts that she has been blessed with are meant to be shared. The stream of children and young adults in need, who present themselves on the barn steps are endless. For 33 years, horse lovers and young people in her community have given opportunities no one else can offer. Her horses are her tools.  Lives have been changed because of them.

With a lifetime earning her living with horses it was time for Terry to invest in her own personal training goal, the Art of Liberty with world renown horse trainer and stunt man Tommie Turvey. Famous as headline act at Horse Expos, dinner theaters, his training of The bud Weiser horses in their super Bowl commercials, and horses that appear on the Walking Dead.

Tommie’s unique liberty style is results oriented and geared to the entertainment business. Turvey opened Terry’s eyes to a whole style of communication she can now apply to even the simplest of training techniques for any horse.

Terry’s horse Illusion, a 4-year-old grey Andalusian, is ready for the next step of his journey to the world stage. We’ve all marvelled at a seasoned liberty horse, but here’s your chance to see an unfinished liberty horse and the steps and corrections it takes to get him this far.

The message Terry Jenkins wants you all to take away from her presentation is to follow your dream, no matter your age or obstacles and challenges.  make your dream a goal and do what it takes to get there. That’s how dreams come true.