Sarah Lauren

Sarah Lauren has been a strong participant in the harness racing industry for over 20 years. With a commitment to overall care for the equine athlete, Sarah earned the respect of those around her for her attention to detail and compassion to the racehorses under her care. Active owner, trainer and breeder Sarah continues to help support her peers by providing support and education towards equine health with focus on respiratory care and function.

In December 2018, Sarah’s very own horse, Fork was extracted from a barn fire that took place at First Line Training Center. Sarah had worked closely with veterinarians and horse owners during the wild fires in western Canada as well as California on treatment protocols from the smoke damage to the horses lungs, now Sarah and Fork were faced with the same tragedy. With dedication, commitment and the use of Flexineb, Fork less then 25 days after the barn fire, was cleared by all inflammation caused during the fire. In May 2019 Sarah accepted a full time position with Nortev, of Ireland to focus on Equine Respiratory health. Sarah works with leading specialists around the world and commits to each and every clients individual needs. Learn how the Flexineb is safe, effective and easy to use. Respiratory conditions are on the rise – Sarah Believes in being prepared, early treatment is extremely important.

About Flexineb 

NORTEV is a Veterinary Medical Device company based in Galway, Ireland, System Fencing of Rockwood, Ontario Canada, has been pleased to offer this amazing unit to our clients since the fall of 2013.
The company’s Flexineb equine nebulisation device represents a huge innovative step in administrating care to the lower and upper respiratory tract of the horse via inhalation methods. Since its incorporation in 2008, Nortev has worked closely with equine clinics and training facilities in Ireland, UK, and North America recognizing the importance of market led innovation. Flexineb™ is a testament to the collaborative efforts of Irish and UK based veterinarians, trainers and engineers.
Nortev’s award winning and clinically tested proprietary nebulisation technology. Really is heads and tales above other machines both past and present.
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