Pony Club

Meet the ponies and their riders that will be competing during the Friday and Saturday Evening Extravaganza!

Pony Club

Ava & Snickers

Horse Name: Super Tuff Senator

Rider/Owner: Ava Lema-Nilsson
Breed: Pony of America
Sire: Senator Santee
Age:  12
Colour: Buckskin with Blanket
Gender: Gelding
Height: 14hh

Ava has been around horses since she was born, although she took to riding seriously in 2016.  Last year she joined the Caledon Pony Club, which was a great decision!  She has gained valuable knowledge both in her horse riding skills and with education on healthcare/stable management.  Pony Club has opened Ava up to try other horse competitions, one in particular is PPG (Prince Phillip Games) which Ava has truly enjoyed, and her team from last year captured the coveted red ribbon! Ava is in a new partnership with “Snickers”, who was just purchased this year, they are looking forward to competing in PPG and Eventing for the 2018 season.

Pony Club

Trinity and Clarity

Name: Silver Mist
Rider/Owner: Trinity Sachau-Sherman
Breed- Registered Half Welsh Pony
Sire-Beaverwoods Goblyn
Age: 5
Colour- Dapple Grey
Gender: Mare
Height: 13.2 hh

Trinity is 13 years old and this is her 7th year being in Pony Club. Through out these years she has competed in Rally every year, Prince Phillip Games, Quiz, Le Trec, Dressage, Show Jumping and Tetrathlon. She has also successfully competed in Jumper, and Hunter shows outside of pony club. She successfully tested to her C level in pony club last fall on Clarity (Silvermist). Last year her team for PPG won the Ontario games championship and got the chance to represent Ontario in the Canadian championship. They came out Canadian Champions. This was a great learning experience and lots of fun. She has a part time job at a horse farm and Figure Skates as well.


Pony Club

Anna-Mari & Lola

Horse Name: Lola

Rider/Owner: Anna-Mari Muller
Breed: Quarter Horse
Age: 15
Colour: Bay
Gender:  Mare
Height: 14.2hh

Anna-Mari is 15 yrs old and so is her horse Lola! The two met two years ago and Lola may not have known it at the time, but Anna knew they were meant to be together. Lola could be naughty, but Anna-Mari recognized her good qualities and soon they were an inseparable team. Anna-Mari has helped Lola become a versatile horse, the two compete in Jumping and dressage and this year Lola took Anna-Mari to the Nationals in Prince Philip Games, where their team won the Canadian championships. When Anna-Mari is not riding her talented quarter horse she competes in track and field running and modern pentathlon.






Cameron Thomson & Skye Blue

Horse Name: Skye Blue
Rider / Owner: Cameron Thomson
Age: 14
Colour            : Chestnut lots of chrome
Gender: Mare
Height            : 12.1 hh

Cameron is 12 years old, and Skye is about 14 years old. They live in Erin. Cameron started riding Skye when he was 5. Skye was meant to be Cameron’s babysitter, because while his older brothers were riding, Cameron would be climbing trees, hovering around ponds, and getting into mischief. He was much more easily found once he had Skye to ride around! They both joined Caledon Pony Club when Cameron was 6, and together they have had many adventures, including summer overnight camps, PPG games, cross-country and stadium jumping, hunter shows, hunter paces, the occasional fox hunt, and countless hours trailriding. Skye has one blue eye and one brown eye, and she is the apple of Cameron’s eye!






Eric Kadish & After Hours Horse Name: After Hours
Rider / Owner: Eric Kadish
Age: 12
Colour: Black with small white star
Breed: Quarter Horse X
Gender: Gelding
Height : 14.2 hh

Eric started in Pony club when he was 11 yrs old riding a small welsh pony named Carly. Eric and Carly competed in distance riding and were Ontario Champion Junior team in Ride-n-Tie (with his older brother). As his legs grew and the pony’s legs didn’t, and after borrowing his brother’s bigger pony on many occasions he realized that it was time to move up to something a big bigger. So after Carly came After, After Hours, a quarter horse cross. After had never jumped before, but with a little work Eric and After were soaring over cross country jumps and even going out for Halloween together. Eric and After have competed in jumpers, Le Trec, Rally and distance riding. Eric also enjoys archery, metal work and woodworking.