Pat Cleveland

From simple beginning comes great revelation. Pat Cleveland’s love of horses was fostered by her family in Peterborough, Ontario. Her desire to ride horses like those of the Spanish Riding School was constantly met with frustration. Horses could not do the work, refused to work, or the compounding injuries made it abusive to continue. As a trainer, she faced the ethical challenge of making horses into something they were not. Her career and education made no sense. Rehabbing horses with reoccurring training injuries and resistant behavior, only to return them to the same work that created their distress, was ethically challenging….so she quit, until an answer was found.

Studying coaching and color Psychology at Carleton University Ottawa, and Music Theory 1 and 2 at the Royal Conservatory of Music, and later being listed as a Canadian Fine Artist set the foundation for an unusual adventure. She rode under the supervision of CEF Chair Persons and International Olympic team members. In 1974, living on a remote farm in Norwood, Ontario, Pat had an experience that could not be explained; the results of horses living in harsh conditions yet healing beyond expectation contradicted everything she was taught.

The themes of rhyme, symmetry, and balance contradicted the reality of riding.

Conventional avenues didn’t accommodate her questions. After studying Equine Massage with Jean-Pierre Hourdebaigt and following Dr. Offing DC in Gromley, Ontario, an interest holistic therapy was created, and all those years of Classical Riding based on the philosophies of Sammur, were set aside.Balanced Horse Project

In 1997, she moved to Dothan, Alabama, where she owns and operates a biodynamic farm. Here she focused her independent studies following the format of Plato’s liberal arts. Pat’s extensive education includes Equine Emergency First Aide at Cornell University, acupressure and light therapy with BioScan and Great West Light Institute, holistic and energy medicine and therapies at the Holistic Vet Clinic, Homeopathy with Dr. Wessner, essential oils at the Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education, magnetic and micro electrical fields, barefoot hoof trimming, and so much more.

In 2001, during the International Symposium for the Alliance of Animal Therapies and Healers, Pat was identified as a medical intuitive, which was personally challenging to accept. However it explained the inner awareness, the pictures and feeling she receives from horses. Horses trust her in uncommon ways.

The Balanced Horse Project was formally started in 2003 as Pat struggled to resolve training resistance and injuries using a lay education in Chiropractic from Dr. Kamen DC and Dr. Bull DVM. Adding holistic medicine and therapies, she observed parallel short and long benefits to conventional medicine with and therapies. Neither provided a permanent state of symmetrical balance. The limitation of both systems suggested something was missing from the rudiment theories supporting their disciplines.

Her organic connection with horses led to the area of Energetic and Spiritual Studies. Here the resources of rhythm balance and symmetry merged with color (light), and sound, showing her the intricate patterns of sacred geometry and how the body forms.

Balanced Horse ProjectPat searched moving towards Physics and she went out on a limb to study how structure, Scared Geometry, frequency, Cymatics, and mathematics in Nature Fractals interact. She followed the theories of the Electric Body with Dr. Robert Becker and of Epigenetics with Dr. Bruce Lipton. Finally the physical challenge melted into a non-physical journey into quantum and unified physics. Here a deeper understanding evolved. In 2015 under the supervision of Nassim Haramein, Director of Research she became a graduate delegate of the Resonance Project Foundation.

Combining her artistic, intuitive, equestrian skills and new physics she finally had the depth of knowledge to articulate what the horses in her research herd were demonstrating. The empirical data collected is backed up with citations and laws of new science. The double blind tests were successfully completed using the judging systems of recognized Equestrian Sports.Balanced Horse Project

Pat has accomplished the goal of ending the misinterpretation of conformation and the actions of horses. The missing pieces to the puzzle have fallen in place allowing her to teach us about allowing the crooked body to straighten itself while the rest of the problems remedy themselves. Apply that to preparing young horses for training and you will always have winners.

Pat continues to learn from damaged horses and applies the experience to preparing straight and balanced horses before they move into careers. She offers organic lay ups and tours Canada and the US supporting horses and share this amazing experience with others.

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