Ontario Xtreme Cowboy

The Ontario Xtreme Cowboy is an event that challenges both horse and rider to maneuver through a series of trail & farm-based obstacles demonstrating both horsemanship and speed. This Xtreme Cowboy race is scored based on each obstacle, speed and overall horsemanship. The obstacles are made up of 3 components: the Approach to the obstacle, the Obstacle itself and the Departure from the obstacle. Horses of any breeds are welcome to participate, whether they have little or no specialized training. The two purposes of this sport are to have fun with your horse and improve your horsemanship skills. These Xtreme races are easy to understand, fast paced and fun for the whole family to watch and enjoy! Come on out and enjoy the entertainment at the Can-Am Equine Expo on March 31, April 1-2, 2017! Visit the Ontario Xtreme Cowboy website for more information!


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