Ontario Cowboy Mounted Shooting

Cowboy Mounted Shooting is one the fastest growing equestrian sports in the North America. Mounted contestants compete in this fast action, high speed, timed event using two .45 caliber single action revolvers, each loaded with 5 rounds of specially prepared blank ammunition. The object of the sport is to shoot 10 balloon targets while riding through a variety of challenging shooting courses. The competitor who rides the fastest with the least amount of missed targets wins! In the spirit of the Old West the competitors dress in the traditional western old time style of the late 1800’s. Cowboy Mounted Shooting is an engaging, crowd pleasing equestrian sport that requires the rider to develop skills in both horsemanship and target shooting.





James Davidson is a director of the Ontario Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association and operates a private facility in the heart of Niagara as an equine trainer and coach. He is a rodeo competitor, cowboy mounted shooter and certified in Equine Assisted Personal Development. During his first year competing as a cowboy mounted shooter, he won a High Points Champion Title and coached the first under 18 group of Wrangler shooters in Ontario.