Lorie Duff

Lorie Duff is a professional horsewoman, mentor and equine educator. Born and raised in Newfoundland, she now operated from Liberty Lane Farm in Eastern Ontario. Lorie has held Newfoundland Equestrian Association (NEA) Championship titles in five separate divisions and is a recipient of both the NEA Horsemanship and NEA Sportsmanship Awards.lorie duff Professional Equine Horsewoman and Liberty Clinician

Lorie was the first clinician to be invited to showcase her distinct approach to trust-based training at the RCMP Musical Ride’s annual Sunset Ceremonies in Ottawa. She has devoted her career to creating a safe, solid and interdisciplinary platform that will support and enhance the mutual and continued leaning of humans and the horses they work and ride together

Lorie will be demonstrating how her liberty inspired mentoring with its focuses on creating strong mental connections can strengthen the bond between horse and human.  Her philosophy is grounded on Trust-Respect and  Lorie will show how these elements go hand in hand with clear, consistent communication. These basic values will remain a constant across her work and at all  levels of her coaching and training.

Whether you are in the show ring or new to horses, communication, trust and respect will remain a constant as you ride together! Bring your questions! Lorie takes a genuine pleasure in the success of others and considers helping others succeed is the only true gauge of her own success.

Liberty is a special entity that builds a bond and a mental connection between you and your horse.  Liberty creates mutual trust and respect through motivation, control and communication. Smart, safe and simple communication is used to connect with the horse.Our goal for Liberty training should always be to develop a successful partnership with our horse. 
For more information on Lorie, visit her website: libertylanefarm.net