Laurie Bishop

LaurieAndWinchesterJuly2011Laurie Bishop has been a Top Feed Advisor with Brook’s Performance Feeds for over 14 years and in the horse industry for over 40. Keeping on top of current trends in equine performance and breeding nutrition is Laurie’s passion. Each year she evaluates the feeding requirements of 100’s of horses, from basic companion to top performance athletes across multiple disciplines, including broodmares, stallions, and young horses. Always actively expanding & sharing her knowledge in the field of equine nutrition, Laurie attends yearly conferences, with Kentucky Equine Research, and keeps up to date with the most current equine nutritional studies. In partnership with Brooks Feeds, she enthusiastically customizes feed programs for her Brooks Feeds clients. Laurie’s extensive observational experience from her 11 years with Brooks as well as knowledge incorporated from her experience managing warmblood breeding, thoroughbred and standardbred farms have made Laurie a sought after equine nutritional advisor, trusted client partner, and a well respected veteran of Brooks Performance Feeds.

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