Lauren Bode

Lauren Bode was raised in the back country of South America where she thrived in an environment filled with animals, but free from the mental and social limitations that might have been imposed on her unusual abilities in a more ‘civilized’ existence. Horses, cattle and domestic pets and more exotic creatures from the surrounding jungle were part of Lauren’s daily life in her early years, and her love and empathy for animals has remained constant to this day.

Lauren ‘talks’ telepathically with all types of animals; Horses, dogs and cats of course, but also mice, lizards, snakes, birds, etc.

Lauren runs very successful workshops in animal communication for animal lovers who can appreciate the unfathomed abilities and intelligence of their non-human friends. She has written a book on animal communication, and a booklet with little stories about her animal communication observations. She contributes regularly to Canadian horse magazines and has been featured on local and national television. The news media has called her to pick the winners of featured Ontario races where she never disappoints them and often converts skeptical commentators into ‘believers’.

Lauren does a lot of travelling throughout Canada, the us and overseas for direct personal contact with her animal subjects, but much of her animal communication is done over the telephone or on the computer. She works from photos mailed or emailed to her in advance of the readings;

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