Hud Roberts

Hud Roberts was raised on a horse and cattle ranch in Central Texas, and has been a horse lover his whole life, so it was no surprise he took to the saddle industry like a duck to water. He started working for Longhorn Leather Saddle company in 1990 where he ran production and design for 12 years. There he learned saddle making from top to bottom. HudRobertsHe took time with the ladies in the tooling department learning the artistry of hand tooling. He spent time with each individual saddle maker on the saddle line, learning the intricate detail of each step in the process. He also learned how to see fit from both the rider’s and horses’ perspective having the riding experience through out his life, being a saddle maker and by working with riders and horses around the world. He took this knowledge and a passion to make a quality well fitting saddle, and struck out on his own, establishing HR Saddles and Tack in 2002. HR Saddles has been successfully building custom saddles for satisfied customers ever since. Hud has developed a product with excellent fit satisfaction and reputation. He has spent 27 years building extensive knowledge in fitting standard and problem fit horses. He loves putting his knowledge, experience and unique perspective to work making both horse and rider comfortable in the saddle. Hud is a real people person as well and loves sharing his experience with horse enthusiast everywhere