Elaine Ward

Elaine Ward is a Western Dressage specialist and comes from a dressage background of 42 years. A professional since 1978, Elaine has shown and trained horses to Grand Prix Dressage and long listed for the Canadian team in 1988 on her appendix Quarter Horse mare. Elaine has been a go-to girl for helping Western horses and riders over the years with dressage principles, much of it based on biomechanics of horse and rider with French philosophies. Western dressage is not a new invention to Elaine. The purpose of Western Dressage is having the rider learn about their own bodies and transmit their language to the horse through a systematic development  process.

elainewardElaine Ward’s students are at the top of the Western Dressage rankings in Canada. She has World Champion students at every level of Western Dressage at the World Western Dressage Show held in Oklahoma since 2013.  This feat has not yet been achieved by any other professional.

Elaine regularly conducts clinics and seminars throughout Canada. For more information about Elaine, visit her website: kirkridgefarm.com