Dr. Jeff Thomason

Photo by Dave Landry

Dr. Jeff Thomason has studied equine paleontology, anatomy and biomechanics since 1976, with the help of many research students and colleagues, both in academia and in the equine industry.  His recent research focus has been on the subtle differences in limb loading in various equine activities that are likely to underpin discipline-specific injuries. Since 1992, Dr. Thomason has taught the Anatomy course taken by 1st-year veterinary students at the Ontario Veterinary College.  In that course, and at other venues, he has elucidated the beautiful intricacies of equine anatomy to about 3000 veterinary students, undergraduates and horse enthusiasts, mostly through dissections.  Many students will know him as an online instructor for the Equine Guelph course in Equine Functional Anatomy.  He has presented widely on aspects of anatomy and biomechanics to veterinary and industry groups, always using relevant examples and humour to get difficult subject matter across.