Debbie Smith

Debbie Smith- Side Saddle Specialist

Debbie Smith

Susan Aldis riding a Mountain Trail Course

Her sidesaddle career has taken her to Britain several times to attend their prestigious Sidesaddle Nationals (a show that spans 3 days and hosts over 60 sidesaddle classes) as well as to connect with some of the top sidesaddle instructors/saddlers and sidesaddle specialists in Britain. She has been a contributing member over the years to  side saddle associations in the USA and is currently The Side Saddle Association, UK representative to Canada.

She has presented sidesaddle displays, both English and Western, at Equitana USA Kentucky, Equine Affaire Ohio and the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, Toronto, Canada among other venues. She provided the sidesaddle and worked on the set of the movie Enslavement, the true story of Fannie Kamble with Jane Seymour and Murdock Mysteries in Toronto, Canada.

Currently, Debbie and  Susan Aldis, co-founders of The Canadian Side Saddle Alliance,  enjoy offering assistance to individuals interested in starting to ride aside and organizations looking to further their sidesaddle knowledge by providing the best possible advice and guidance on finding a saddle, correct fitting of the saddle to the horse/rider, the correct position and balance once on the sidesaddle and to work with the horse/ rider combination to incorporate the sidesaddle in to the equestrian discipline they wish to work in. Assistance can also be provided in correct attire for their discipline, be it English (formal/non- formal) and Western for the show ring.