Deanna Ramsay

The Ontario Competitive Trail Riding Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to equine welfare while promoting the enjoyment of distance riding, recently celebrating our 50th Anniversary year

We are a group of enthusiastic and supportive people who enjoy well-marked trails throughout some of the most picturesque regions of Ontario.  Distance riding provides challenges that expand your horsemanship abilities, enhance your partnership with your horse and refine your trail riding skills.

The worldwide motto of the sport of distance riding is “to complete is to win”.  This standard ensures that participating horses finish the distance “fit to continue”.

Over the years OCTRA has broadened the disciplines offered to include:

  1. Training Rides,
  2. Mileage Rides,
  3. Ride ‘n Tie,
  4. Competitive Trail,
  5. Set Speed,
  6. Limited Distance, and
  7. Endurance.

Riders must compete within a maximum time limit across all disciplines or they will be disqualified (excluding Training Rides). Except for Endurance rides there is also a minimum time limit.

Horse welfare is the priority at all OCTRA events and all horses must pass vet checks before, during and after each ride.

Equines must be four years or older to participate in Training Rides, Mileage Rides, Competitive Trail Rides

Equines must be five years or older to participate in Ride ‘n Tie, Competitive Trail (≥56km), Set Speed Silver & Gold levels, Endurance, including Limited Distance, or events that occur over more than one day

Each rider MUST wear a certified equestrian helmet and have the appropriate equine insurance. As well, all horses must have a current negative Coggins/EIA Test dated and signed by their vet (Training Rides may exclude this).