Centaur Biomechanic – One Day Course

Saddle Research and Horse and Rider Interaction, Methodology, Research Findings and Technology Systems

This unique one-day interactive biomechanics course with world-renowned biomechanics expert and TGB Biomechanist, Dr. Russell Mackechnie-Guire, will cover an array of current findings in equine performance, horse and rider interaction & saddle research. His knowledge in horse and rider analysis as a system will make you “think outside the box” You will come away with a greater understanding of a horse’s soundness, performance and welfare. 

Limited space and open to all: horse owners, therapists, riders etc. and will be delivered with a mixture of theory and practical demonstrations.****The course qualifies for OE Professional Development Credits

Hosted by Can-Am Equine, this Course is $275 + GST. Space is limited to 35 participants.

TO SECURE REGISTRATION GO TO http://www.visualisecanada.ca/clinics/1-day-equine-biomechanics-course

From Centaur’s vast research portfolio, the course will cover the following: 

Back kinematics in non-lame and lame horses  

Reducing the risk of injury by improving equine posture

Thoracic vertebra ten – thirteen – its importance in relation to saddle fit

Use and application of training aids and ground schooling

Lateral saddle displacement – what are the contributing factors?

The effect that the rider has on equine locomotion

Objective gait analysis using state of the art measuring systems

Anatomy of the horse including dissection images 

9 am -12:30 pm  LECTURE/SEMINAR

 Understanding the Complexities of Saddle Research & Horse and Rider Interaction by Can

• Learn fundamentals, protocols and outcomes of the most current saddle research within a biomechanics framework. Includes anatomy breakdown.


Horse and Rider Biomechanics and Measuring Systems – participants on the ground in the interactive arena session demonstrating various technology equine and rider technology.

 • Gait Analysis demonstration using software and high-speed capture equipment, and inertial sensors to analyze horses in hand and under saddle for gait pattern anomalies.

• How and why research markers application is key for research

Visualise Training Jackets in research and performance with high-speed equipment

Use of wearable technology “Vert” and Equibands

What are Interial Sensors and how they work to see the whole system?

•How the demonstration speaks to saddle fit and the rider as a system.