Monika Caemmerer (Can-Am/Just Add Horses Environmental Award)

Monika Caemmerer, the owner of “Believe Farm” in Acton, has toiled for many years making sure her stable, barn, home and property meet her exacting environmental criteria.  Her horses lounge in roomy bright stalls, each with attached mini-sand paddock that allows them fresh air and sun at their 24/7 whim. Her barn footing uses a natural zeolite-based dust control which automatically draws moisture from the air.

Years ago she installed an 11,000 KW solar system for the barn roof that feeds into the grid and probably helps keep these Can-Am arena lights glowing.  She also has installed a geo-thermal system for her heating needs.

Monika uses natural ingredients for feed, insect control, cleaning and almost anything she uses daily, for her farm and all her animal care.  Her newest challenge is building an Eco-Cottage on this farm for nature-loving guests to enjoy these well-maintained surroundings.

About the Can-Am/Just Add Horses Environmental Award (Pictured Below)

CanAm Awards trophy pic 2012

The Can-Am/Just Add Horses Annual Environment Award was instituted and first presented in 2009.

This award is presented to a stable who is helping to raise the environmental bar. The nominees or stables that would like to participate are forwarded by anyone to our committee for selection. Each year’s winners are always beyond grateful that their eco-equine activities are being publically recognized.

Awards to Date:

2009 Lazee G Ranch, Maidstone

2010 Amani Acres, Brantford

2011 HBR Stables, Manitoulin Island

2012 Canadian Cowgirls, Chatham-Kent

2013 Believe Farms, Acton

To Be Considered:

Nominated stables simply submit a description of themselves, their background, activities and contacts.  Be sure to describe improvements made and those proposed in the next few years to help raise the environmental bar.  It is a plus to see the riding youth encouraged to also be involved in these environmental initiatives.

Nominations can be sent directly to Bill Milne at