Aidan Finn

When Aidan Finn — already an experienced newspaperman and publisher — first joined the Ancaster Saddle Club, he was truly shocked at the lack of information available regarding activities in the western horse world.

His enjoyment of recreational riding and interest in the industry soon led him, in July 1970, to found The Western Rider.Still publishing — now as The RiderThe Western Rider also includes The English Rider and The Canadian Quarter Horse Journal.  Aidan has consistently and forcefully used the publication to support all aspects of the horse world.  Beginning in 1971, he volunteered as a part of the Quarterama Committee, continuing through to 1993.  As a member of the committee, he offered his strong background skills in advertising, publicity and promotion to help see the Quarterama Horse Show grow in size and success.

In the early 1970’s, Aiden produced 5 International Horse Shows that promoted all the western breeds including Quarter Horses.  Along the way, he was a strong supporter of pari-mutual racing at Picov Downs and even raced a Quarter Horse there.

Through founding The Rider and continuing to publish over 35, sometimes difficult, years, Aidan Finn has had a huge impact on the growth and development the Quarter Horse industry and is a worthy recipient of inclusion in Can-Am’s Walk of Fame.

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