2014 Exhibitors


NAME Location Website
Agribrands T-13,14 Red www.agripurina.ca
Alliston Feed Service D-14 Green www.allistonfeedservice.com
Alltech Inc R-3 Red www.alltech.com
Amber Marshall R-10 Red www.ambermarshall.com
Animal Pro H-5 Red www.animalproproducts.com
Animates Arts & Lifestyle Shannon Darch Animates Facebook
Australian Shop S-12 Red www.australian-shop.ca
Bailey Saddlery S-14 Red www.baileysaddlery.com
Barefoot Horse Canada N-3 Red www.barefoothorsecanada.com
Barefoot Saddle Canada L,M – 1 L-2 Red www.barefoot-saddlecanada.ca
Barn Buddies/KOOL Designs A-14 Green www.facebook.com/2kooldesigns
Bio-Ag Q-13 Red www.bio-ag.com
Bling It Girls O-3 Red chinook8.3@hotmail.com
Britespan Building Systems P,Q-3 Red www.britespanbuildings.com
Brooks Feeds D-11 Red www.brooksfeeds.com
Buckeye Nutrition P-9 Red www.aurorawindfeeds.com
Budson Farm and Feeds N,O,P – 4 Red www.budsonfeed.com
Building Boss H-14 Green www.buildingboss.com
Caledon Equine Hospital E-12 Red www.caledonequine.com
Canadian Horse Breed virginia@canadianhorses.com
Canadian Paso Fino Horse Assoc. R-11 Green www.pasofino.ca
Canadian Warmblood Breed jjvandenbrink@hotmail.com
Canter By Tack E,F,G – 5,6,7,8 Red www.canterbytack.ca
Central Canada Paso Finos Breed www.centralcanadapfha.com
CEVA Animal Health D-12 Red erin.brybrook@ceva.com
Cowboy Loft A,B – 1,2,3,4 Red www.cowboyloft.com
Danamay Supplement Company I,J – 14 Green www.powerhorse.ca 
DiamondZ Coffee R – 6 Red
Dirt Road Denim O,P,Q – 15,16, Red www.dirtroaddenim.com
Drury Healthy Horse Feeders Q-1 Red www.healthyhorsefeeders.com
Dufferin Bedding P-1 Red garyg4141@gmail.com
Eco-Nets S,T – 16 Red www.econets.ca
EMS J,K – 1,2 Red
Equest Equine V-9 Red www.equestequinefirstaid.com
Equestrian Factory Outlet U,V – 1,2,3 Red www.equestrianfactoryoutlet.ca
Equimania K,L,M,N – 5,6,7,8,910,11 Green www.equineguelph.ca
Equine Studies Online R-7 Green www.equinestudiesonline.ca
Equine Wellness O-6 Red www.redstonemediagroup.com
Fletcher’s Horse Worlds Coverall www.fletchershorseworld.com
GEM Equine Therapy V-5 Red www.gemequinetherapy.com
Glendale Farms Pony Rides Q-R – 14,15,16,17 Green www.glendalefarms.ca
Guy McLean V-6,7 Red www.guymcleanusatour.com
Gypsy Vanners Breed info@katherinemutti.com
Halnor Equipment Coverall www.halnor.com
Harrison’s Ice Cream L-11 Red mharrison2@cogeco.ca
HaySmart T-7 Red www.haysmart.ca
Hepburn Trailers Coverall www.hepburnsales.com
HFH L,M – 9,10 Red www.hfhinc.ca
Hidden Meadow Farms Breed brenda@canadianhorses.com 
Highland Fence L-14 Red www.highlandfence.ca
Hills of Headwaters Green –  Entrance www.headwatershorsecountry.ca
Home Hardware C,D,E,F,G,H – 14,15 Red www.homehardware.com
Horse Country Campground R-18 Red www.horsecountrycampground.com
Horse Publication Group T-18 Red www.horse-canada.com
Horse Spirit Connections Q-7 Red www.horsespiritconnections.com
Icelandic Horses Breed www.onicehorsefarm.ca
Infinite Aloe O-9 Red www.infinitealoe.com
IFREMT P-6 Red www.ifremt.org
Ionson Saddlery A,B,C = 5,6,7,8,9 Red www.ionsonsaddlery.com
Islandview Farm Equipment J,K – 14,15 Red www.islandviewfarmequipment.com
Jay Hayes B – 14 Green www.hayesco.ca
Jumps R Us E-11 Red www.tripleddesigns.com
Just Like Mom Used to Buy Outdoor Food Court tomsevcovic@hotmail.com
Kevin Rundle V-16 Red www.lindsaychamber.com
Kinglyn Stables Precision Team S-15 Red ejwilson@xplornet.ca
Life Data Labs S-1 Red www.lifedatalabs.com
Maple Lane Equestrian Trailers K-14,15,16,17 Green www.maplelanetrailers.com
Mark Grice Arts and Lifestyle www.markgriceweebly.com
Martin Mills S,T – 10 Red www.martinmills.com
McMaster Massage Equine Rehab. Services M,N,O – 18 Green www.mcmastermassage.com
Megadome V-10 Red www.harnois.com
Mike King/Intercity Insurance Q-12 Red www.intercityinsurance.com
Miniature Horse Club of Ontario Breed mclkrawcyk@hotmail.com
MTO S-18 Red www.mto.ca 
NBHA S-13 Red mcmullend@rogers.com
North American Spotted Draft Horse Breed bullet1818@gmail.com
North Waterloo Insurance L-7 Red www.nwfm.com
Northern Markets P-10 Red davidatcreemore@yahoo.ca
Not Just Cats T-6 Red notjustcats@hotmail.com
Nurtural Horse T-1 Red www.nurturalhorse.com
OEF J,K – 5,6,7 www.horse.on.ca
Ontario Carriage Driving Assoc. Q-10 Red storey.dave.ds@gmail.com
Ontario Federation of Agriculture N-7 Red www.ofa.on.ca
Ontario Plowmen’s Association R-3 Green www.plowingmatch.org
Ontario Quarter Horse Assoc. Breed www.oqha.on.ca
Ontario Racing Commission R-5 Green www.ontarioracingcommission.ca
Ontario Reining Horse Assoc. S-3 Red www.orha.on.ca
Ontario Trail Riders Assoc. H-6 Red www.otra.ca
Outback Survival Gear F-12 Red www.outbacksurvivalgear.com
Ozark Canada L-8 Red www.ozarkcanada.com
Photonic V-17 Red www.photonichealth.com
Picov’s D,E,F,G,H- 2,3 Red www.picovs.ca
Professional Edge Equine R-1 Red www.professionaledgeequine.com
Ram Rodeo Q,R – 4 Red www.ramrodeo.com
Rawhide Adventures F-11 Red www.rawhide-adventures.on.ca
Redmond Equine N-6 Red www.redmondequine.com
ReRide F,G – 14 Green www.usedshowclothes.net
Riva’s Remedies O-13 Red www.rivasremedies.com
Ron Jones R-1
Russel Guire S-7 Red www.centaurbiomechanics.co.uk
Rusty Quam/Donna Weatherley Q-6 Red
Safeguard Gunn Graphics V-15 Red www.gosafeguard.ca/kgunn
Schleese Saddlery S-4 Red www.saddlesforwomen.com
Scott Reinhart Trailers Coverall www.scottreinharttrailers.com
Selected Bio Products O,P – 12 Red www.horseherbs.com 
Shur-Gain R-8,9 Green www.shurgain.com
SPCA Equine E-14 Green www.spcaontario.com
Spectrum Feed Services S,T – 9 Red www.spectrumfeedservices.ca
Stone Hedge Farm Q-9 Red www.stonehedgefarmcanada.ca
System Fencing I,J,K – 8,9,10,11 Red www.systemfence.com
Tasco Dome R-7 Red www.tascodome.com
Teen Ranch R-6 Green www.teenranch.on.ca
The Best Magnetic Products T-12 Red www.thebestbandages.com
The Better Bandage Co P-13 Red www.stayons.com
The Edge O-10 Red www.theedgeup.ca
Mix 881 T-15 Red www.mix881.com
The Rider  V-8 Red www.therider.com
The Royal R-4 – Green www.royalfair.org
The Saddle Shack O,P – 7 Red www.thesaddleshack-sc.com
Tom Sawyer Sawmill L-6 Red www.tomsawyersawmill.com
Trailers Plus Coverall www.trailersplus.net
Trail Ride for Breast Cancer Arts and Lifestyle www.trailrideforbreastcancer.weebly.com
Tribute Equine L-15 Red www.tributehorsefeeds.com
Triple Crown Nutrition L-5 Red www.triplecrownfeed.com
University of Guelph Ridgetown Green www.ridgetown@uoguelph.ca
Via Trailers Coverall www.viatrailers.ca
We Cover Structures C-14 Green www.wecover.net