2014 Clinics

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Previously in 2014

Breaking Young Horses – Guy McLean

Biomechanics & Horse Performance – Russell Guire, Centaur Biomechanics

Horsemanship & Training – Terry Myers

Animal Communication, Psychic Medium – Angie Aristone

MTO Trailering Regulations: What You Need to Know – Darlene Jackson 

“Wow! I didn’t know they could do that!”: Advances in Equine Surgery  Dr. Bruce Watt 

Practicing Riding Safety – Jay Hayes

Equine Canada Judges Clinic – Barbara Mitchell

Farm Safety: Workplace Safety & Prevention – Janet Bewers

Equine Dentistry – Kevin Rundle

Starting Your Barrel Horse – Rusty Quam

Barrel Racing Equipment & Nutrition – Rusty Quam

Equine Chiropractor – Dr. Scott Hie

Saddle Fitting for the Western Rider – Todd Bailey

Saddle Fitting for the English Rider – Denise Lenz (Schleese Saddlery)

Riding the Kur – Jessica Costello

Natural Hoofcare – Anne Ridell

Spinal Manipulation and Adjustment – Stéphanie Boland

Large Animal Rescue – Wendy Swackhamer

Horses and Herbs- Donna Weatherley

Equine Massage- International Federation of Registered Equine Massage Therapists

Equine Massage- Sharon McMaster (McMaster Massage)

Hot Shoeing Demo- Paul Fischbach

Equine Guelph- Gayle Ecker

Horse Spirit Connections: Building A Stronger Relationship- Wendy Golding

Ontario Trail Riding Association- Janice Clegg & Karen Plume

SPCA Equine- Tracy Lapping

Equine Law- Imran Akram, BA, LLB, LLM

Reducing Your Carbon Hoofprint- Kathy Fremes

Ontario Carriage Driving Association- Eve Dexter

Equine Podiatry- McCracken Equine Podiatry

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