International Federation of Registered Equine Massage Therapists

About the IFREMT:

Established in 1996, the International Federation of Registered Equine Massage Therapists (IFREMT) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting the highest standards in equine massage therapy. The primary aim of the IFREMT is to support the provision of safe, ethical and qualified equine massage therapy services within the equine industry.

Though equine massage is not a regulated profession like human massage therapy, the IFREMT strives to apply the same level of qualification standards to the “REMT” accreditation process as those established by the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario – the governing body for Registered Massage Therapists (RMTs) that are licensed to work on people.

Similar to the education requirements in Ontario for RMTs, Registered Equine Massage Therapists (REMTs) complete a 2-year, 2200-hour program of study. In addition to passing both the written and veterinary-supervised practical components of the IFREMT entrance exams, REMTs also complete a 100-hour externship with an equine veterinarian.

Join the IFREMT’s Lindsay Day, Marguerite Old, and Vanessa Hayes in Presentation Tent 1 daily at the Can-Am!

IFREMT Lindsay Day

Lindsay Day, REMT – Equine massage can play a unique and valuable role in helping horses to find ease of movement and comfort in their bodies, so they can feel and perform at their best. Lindsay Day is a Registered Equine Massage Therapist and award-winning equine health & science writer based in Guelph, Ontario. An avid and life-long equestrian herself, Lindsay works with a variety of horses in her practice from grand prix competitors to those at the grass roots.

Marguerite Old

Marguerite Old, REMT  Understanding the structure, complexity and strength of a horse’s back is critical to his usefulness, ability, and wellbeing. Marguerite Old, REMT has been operating Equine Edge Massage Therapy since 2009. Her practice involves horses in a variety of disciplines, however primarily focuses on Thoroughbred racehorses at Woodbine Racetrack in Toronto.


IFREMT_web-thumb Vanessa Hayes, REMT – Equine massage therapy can be used to compliment your horses regular care, such as their nutrition, exercise and hoof care. It can also be a valuable tool during the rehabilitation process after an injury (with veterinary consult). Vanessa Hayes began working as a Registered Equine Massage Therapist in 2009 through her business Hands on Horses. Vanessa enjoys working with clients of all disciplines, both English and Western and at all levels of expertise.