Stéphanie Boland


GEM Equine Therapy, Spinal Manipulation and Adjustment of the Whole Horse

Born and raised in the small town of Corbeil, Ontario, Stéphanie Boland was bound to wind up in the equine industry.  Coming from a long line of old horsemen, you could say that Stéphanie has the love of horses in her blood.  Although her immediate family was not involved with horses, at the age of 8, Stéphanie was quick to introduce this new way of life to her parents and her sister.  After getting her first horse at the age of 10, Stéphanie quickly realized that she had discovered her true passion.  It wasn`t long after this that Stéphanie caught the barrel racing bug and began to compete all across the province as well as in Québec.  Before she knew it, she was competing at a National, as well as an International level.  At the age of 15, Stéphanie took home the year end title of the First division youth champion for Northern Ontario, which allowed her to attend the Youth World Championships in Jackson, Mississippi.  The following year, she had the opportunity to represent Canada at the International Youth Championships in Voghera, Italy where she finished in the top three in the first division on one of the days of competition.   Stéphanie has since continued to compete at very high levels, and plans on continuing to train and run horses.

Through all her years on the circuit, Stéphanie has seen her fair share of equine injuries.  Having a big heart and a thirst for knowledge, Stéphanie began to take a keen interest in the rehabilitative and preventative health field of the equine athlete.  Stéphanie has since attended and graduated from the HJW Equine Studies program in Barriere, British-Columbia where she learned the techniques of spinal manipulation, adjustments of the whole horse, massage, as well as acupressure.  As a Certified Equine Therapist, Stéphanie Boland is the only one in Ontario with this specific accreditation.  Upon graduation from the HJW in 2012, Stéphanie started her Equine Therapy business, GEM Equine Therapy.  Her unique skill set and treatment methods allowed her to quickly make a name for herself, particularly in the North.  Stéphanie is now continuing to expand her business, with clients in Ontario, as well as Québec, and she does not plan on stopping there.  Stéphanie has plans to use her skills to open a large rehabilitation facility for equine athletes and companions.  She will continue to expand her business by introducing other forms of therapy, such as laser and electric shock therapy to her already very effective treatments.  Stéphanie truly believes in the power of therapeutic treatments and continues to see great results in her work. Every horse deserves to live pain free!

Catch Stéphanie at the Can-Am Saturday in Presentation Tent 1

Stephanie Boland