Donna Weatherley

Your horse is special. He is your partner and friend. Because he is your close companion, you want what’s best for him. It’s heartbreaking to see a friend in pain, and you may find yourself in a situation where you need to find natural alternatives to your horse’s health care. It is important that you find tools and have the opportunity to choose to be proactive in your horse’s health and maintenance program. Spirit Horse Herbs is a time-proven line of safe, natural and locally produced herbs for horses. How can Donna help you? She is an equine herbalist and healer with a lifetime of experience working with horses. Some would even refer to Donna as a Medicine Woman. She employs a variety of natural healing practices to aid the equine athlete to reach and maintain his performance potential and/or recover from injuries. Let Donna help you to find solutions to your challenges and be confident that you have alternatives that are simple, easy to follow and natural.

Can-Am Topics

1. Horses and Herbs: Focusing on the digestive system – ulcers/metabolic syndrome

2. Horses and Herbs: Looking at muscle and joint maintenance and support/the importance of kidney function to keep the structure sound

3. Horses and Herbs: Addressing the lungs and respiratory health – Bleeders/Heaves

Each session will consist of an overview of the designated system or systems from a herbal and complimentary health perspective. Followed by a discussion about the different herbs that are traditionally known to support the areas of concern. Different feeding practices that have been known to aid the body in recovery and prevention and increase general health will also be discussed with Q & A encouraged throughout. Other holistic aids and tidbits are likely to be added throughout.

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Horse Readings at the Can-Am Equine Expo:

If you would like your horse read, please send me a full body picture, age and a short history.  You can email them to me at  Readings will be done at my booth, which I’m sharing with Rusty Quam, and are limited to 6 per day, first come, first served.

donna weatherley